JPL Logo

Responsible for production of ECCO's central multi-decadal state estimate. Also developing estimation systems for ocean-ice interaction and global eddy-resolving models for ECCO's next generation estimate.

Ian Fenty
Ichiro Fukumori
Dimitris Menemenlis
Ou Wang
Hong Zhang

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MIT Logo

Responsible for MITgcm, the ocean general circulation model employed in all ECCO products.

Jean-Michel Campin
Gael Forget
Chris Hill
Diana Spiegel
Carl Wunsch

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University of Texas, Austin Logo

Responsible for ECCO infrastructure especially the adjoint of MITgcm. Also leading development of ocean-ice sheet parameterization and high-resolution estimation.

Patrick Heimbach
An T. Nguyen

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Atmospheric & Environmental Research, Inc. Logo

Responsible for development of new data sets and physics packages for the ECCO estimates. Also involved in assessing data and solution uncertainties and developing diagnostic tools for scientific analyses.

Christopher M. Little
Christopher G. Piecuch*
Rui M. Ponte
(* Now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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Scripps Logo

Leads development of regional high resolution estimation systems, including biogeochemistry (Southern Ocean [SOSE], California Current System, Equatorial Pacific, Gulf of Mexico).

Bruce Cornuelle
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Matt Mazloff
Ariane Verdy

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University of Hamburg, Germany Logo

Leads development of 50+ year global ocean state estimation for long-term climate change studies [GECCO].

Armin Köhl
Detlef Stammer

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